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Now What?

From planning stages to finishing touches, there are many choices to be made. Here you can customize the structure so it will fit your specific needs and unique tastes.

Choose a Size and Layout

We offer Widths of 24', 30', 36' and 40'. These can be constructed in any even length. Heights vary in 2 foot increments from 8' to 16'.

The best way to decide on a layout is to determine first what you intend to use the building for. For example, a 24' x 36' x 10' can be a two-car garage with approximately 12' x 24' left over to use for a shop or storage area.

Visit our gallery to view our buildings. Remember these are just examples of our work. We don't want to set any limits on your imagination. We strive to create a building suited for you specifically.

Choose Walk Doors

Our standard walk doors are 3 foot wide by 6 foot 8 inches tall, six panel metal doors. We have two styles: The first is a 9-lite which has a divided window in the top half; The second is similar but is solid instead with no windows. All doors are framed with wood and come primed and ready to be painted.

We offer other sizes and types at extra cost including doors with windows and wider entry. Call or e-mail for availability.

Roll-Up Door

Sectional Door

Choose Large Doors

You can select from two kinds of large doors: Roll-up or Sectional.

Roll-Up Doors are often in commercial buildings but can also be used in residential projects. They roll up into a cylinder at the top of the door and are good for smaller spaces because they are more compact. They are available in 18 different colors and come in any size you need.

Sectional Doors are attached to a track that runs along the side of the door opening and across the ceiling. These are available only in white.

Do I need Windows?

Our standard is single-hung, tilt-out window measuring 3 foot by 4 foot with 6 over 6 panels and is fully insulated. They are made of aluminum and available in white or dark.


Windows can be placed next to each other to create larger windows

We offer other sizes and types at extra cost. Call or e-mail for availability.


With Enclosed Soffit

Do I need an Overhang?

Overhang is the area where the roof extends beyond the side and end walls.

The size of your overhang will depend on the size of your building and can be made larger as an option. It adds beauty and can extend to conform to an existing building.


Without Overhang

With Overhang

Should I Insulate?

Once again this depends on what you intend to use your new building for. The intense summer heat and unexpected winter cold can take its toll even in an enclosed building.

Putting insulation in the roof helps to reduce condensation and moderate temperature extremes.

In addition, insulating the walls helps to keep the outside temperature from having as much of an effect on the interior space. Insulation can lower your heating and cooling costs considerably.

Insulation in Walls

Insulation in Roof

Insulation in Walls and/or Roof

Apple-Jack Construction uses R-10 vinyl backed insulation in all buildings as an option.

Adding insulation improves appearance, adds greater comfort, reduces condensation and noise and produces a substantial reduction in heating and cooling costs.

We can also install paperbacked fiberglass insulation which is mostly used in insulating homes. For this type you must use wood trusses.

We also have higher R values available.

What about Gutters and Downspouts?

Do you need to control the flow of water off your roof? If so we have gutters and downspouts. They not only help with the water but also compliment the design of your building.


The concrete floor can be left with a broom finish or smoothed completely. We use a 3000# mix with fiber and vapor barrier. You can choose to pour your own concrete or keep the dirt floor if you wish.


Porches are usually added to the end of a building for shade or protection from the weather.

They can greatly enhance the appearance of your building. Many sizes are available from 8 feet to 16 feet wide. If you are looking for something bigger we would be happy to do all we can to accommodate your needs.


A Lean-To is similar to a porch but extends from side instead of the end and can be up to 24 feet wide. This can give you extra storage space or extra covered space.

Choose a Main Color and an Accent Color

We offer a wide variety of colors so you can mix and match for a desired effect. A dark color in contrast to a light color can help accent the shape of your structure so it will stand out and be noticed. Or a more subtle color variation can smooth the lines and blend right in with the older surroundings.

Colored Roof

Each building comes standard with a Galvalume (burnished silver) roof. If you would like to accent the color of your building by adding a colored roof, you can choose from all available steel colors.

Color Chart

Check out our online color chart to get an idea of a few of the many colors we have to offer. Our choices are constantly changing and growing to include more colors. So please feel free to contact us for a complete list.

NOTE: These colors are only close approximations. Due to the various screen types and internet browsers we cannot provide an exact match over the internet.

For a more accurate color chart please call 334/886-3940 or 790-1047 or e-mail.